RC cars are our passion,

and as that passion grew so did our RC car collection. We ran the RC cars day in and day out at our house. Until my wife realized her beautifully well maintained yard was not so beautiful anymore. As nicely as she possibly could she told me I had to get these RC cars out suggesting I build a track for myself in the back of our commercial building…and so I did. As construction started and progressed more and more people stopped by to ask when we would be opening. We saw the demand and were thrilled to find that more people shared our passion. A month later on January 2015 RC Hobby Pro opened its doors in the small town of Jasper, GA.

As the months passed by we noticed that the people showed so much interest but still didn’t buy anything. It wasn’t until a young 19yr old man working 2 jobs trying to put himself through school came in everyday for a week looking at the same RC car. As we got to know him we realized that he was in the same situation that a lot of us are in… we just do not have all the money at once. We decided to take a chance on him and offered him to buy the RC car on monthly payments. He was thrilled when we told him that he could take it home! We started the 3-month payment plan offering it only to our local customers. 2 months later we decided to offer it nationwide and RCHOBBYPRO.COM was born.

RCHOBBYPRO.COM wants to change the game! Our #1 goal is to offer the best quality RC cars, RC boats, RC drones and RC parts in an affordable way with the best customer service!

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