HPI Racing Savage XS w/Ford Raptor Body RTR 2.4GHz


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HPI Racing Savage XS Flux Ford Raptor

This is the HPI Brushless Electric Powered, 2.4GHz Radio Controlled Ready to Run HPI Racing Savage XS Flux Ford Raptor

The HPI Racing Savage XS Flux Ford Raptor packs in everything you know and love about the neck snapping, standing backflip-capable Savage Flux! A ridiculously powerful Flux brushless powerplant to provide you with the most menacing speed runs, legendary Savage durability that passes the bashing exam with flying colors, innovative TVP technology for a class leading design, and extreme monster truck appearance and ground clearance to conquer it all.

The compact Savage XS Flux is just 2/3 the size of a standard Savage, so it’s the perfect size for backyard tracks and smaller areas. The Savage XS Flux is built tough with an all-metal drivetrain so it can handle giant jumps and speeds over 65mph! The 4WD system provides excellent traction on any off-road or on-road surface you can throw at it. And it’s all built with legendary Savage toughness so you spend more time driving and less time wrenching.

INCLUDES: RTR HPI Racing Savage XS Flux Ford Raptor with Brushless Motor, 2.4GHz Radio, ESC, painted trimmed Body, Tires, Wheels, 4 AA Batteries for TX and Instruction Manual

REQUIRES: Battery: 2-3S LiPo, 30C discharge rate recommended Battery Charger: To match elected batteries Track and maintenance equipment

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